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V Engine in Car: Types, How it Works, Application & Components

What Is V Engine in a CAR?

How Does a V Engine Work?

What Are the Types of V Engines?

What Are the Applications of V Engine?

Read the below-mentioned table to understand what is V Engine’s applications:

Types of V Engines

Applications of V Engines


This small-sized engine is mainly used in high-end motorcycles like cruisers and sports bikes. However, manufacturers of some small cars also use V2 engines.


The application of this engine type is mainly in marine outboards. Apart from this, some MotoGP manufacturers also use the V4 engine.


Some of the automobiles in which manufacturers use V6 engine are railway engines, marine outboards, and racing cars.


The main application of this V8 engine is in luxury cars, sports cars, pickup trucks and SUVs.


Because of its high manufacturing costs, you can see its application only in high-end cars like Ferrari 812 GTS, Lamborghini Aventador, Mercedes Benz S Class.

What Are the Components of V Engines?

What Are the Advantages and Disadvantages of V Engine?

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