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What is a Car Fender: Protection, Assembly and Differences

What is a Fender in Cars?

How Does a Fender Offer Protection?

What Parts Does a Fender Assembly Have?

What is the Difference Between a Fender and a Bumper in Cars?

The following table shows the key differences between the two integral parts of a car exterior:

Feature Fender Bumper
Location Positioned above the wheel arches Positioned at the front and rear ends
Function Protects the body from debris and moisture Absorbs impact during collisions
Material Typically made of metal or plastic Often made of plastic or fiberglass
Design Contours to the car's body lines Typically, it protrudes from the body
Construction Consists of a single panel or multiple panels Generally one-piece construction
Attachment Bolted or welded onto the car's body Attached to the car's frame or chassis
Aesthetic Appeal Contributes to the car's overall appearance May feature styling elements or accents
Damage Absorption May dent or deform upon impact Designed to absorb and dissipate collision energy

FAQs about Fenders in Cars