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What is the Difference between Automatic and Manual Cars?

What Is a Manual Gear Car?

What is an Automatic Car?

What Are the Difference Between Manual Gear and Automatic Car?

Refer to the table below to understand what is the difference between manual and automatic cars:


Manual Transmission

Automatic Transmission


Cars that come with manual transmission cost less.

The price of an automatic transmission is quite high.


Manual transmission cars do not require active cooling.

Automatic cars often face overheating problems and thus require active cooling.

Fuel efficiency

Manual transmission cars are more fuel efficient and depend on drivers driving skills.

In comparison to manual transmission, it is less fuel efficient. Also, less skilled drivers can drive it.


It would be best if you had much more focus and attention when driving a manual transmission car.

When driving an automatic transmission car, thanks to its sensors, you don't require a high level of focus and attention.

Number of pedals

There are three pedals in a manual transmission car: acceleration, brakes, and clutch.

There’s no clutch pedal in an automatic transmission car. The shift in gears takes place automatically depending upon the car's speed.


You exercise more control over your vehicle when you drive a manual transmission car.

An automatic transmission does not allow you to exercise 100% control on your car.

Ease of driving

Manual transmission cars are challenging to drive on high-density roads.

Due to the facility of automatic gear change, an AT car is much easier to drive in high traffic.

Design complexity

Manual transmission cars exhibit a simple design, as it features minimal components.

An automatic transmission car exhibits a complex design due to its multiple components.

Number of gears

An MT car features different gear sets to perform different gear ratios.

The same gears perform different gear ratios in an AT car.


The major difference between a manual and automatic car is the mileage offered; for MT, it's pretty high.

The mileage offered by an automatic car is slightly lower.

Required skill level

A manual transmission car might not be a great choice for new drivers.

Automatic transmission cars make it easy for new drivers to drive.

As final words, the difference between the manual and automatic car is quite a handful.  Therefore, depending on your budget and what you are looking for in your car, you should choose an automatic or manual transmission car.

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