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Difference Between Moonroof, Sunroof and Panoramic Sunroof in Cars

What is a Sunroof in Cars?

What is a Moonroof in Cars?

What is a Panoramic Sunroof in Cars?

What is the Difference Between Moonroof vs Sunroof vs Panoramic Sunroof?

Here’s a comparative overview that helps car buyers understand the key differences between these different roofs:

Aspect Moonroof Sunroof Panoramic Sunroof
Design Built-in, factory option, often smaller and more compact. It can be built-in or aftermarket, with various styles like tilt, pop-up, sliding, and spoiler. The larger, full-length roof opening extends from front to rear.
Material Made up of glass material Metal or glass material is used Built up of glass material
Operation Glass panels can be tilted or fully opened. Manual or electronic operation may be tilting, sliding, or fully opening. Typically operated electronically, often with multiple settings.
Visibility Limited visibility due to smaller size. Offers good visibility, especially when fully opened. Exceptional visibility with a panoramic view of the surroundings.
Installation It generally comes with a factory-installed option It can be factory-installed or added later as an aftermarket accessory. Usually, it is a factory option and has a complex installation process.
Maintenance Requires regular maintenance to prevent leaks and ensure proper functioning. Maintenance varies and may involve cleaning and lubricating moving parts. It may require more maintenance due to its larger size and complexity.
Cost Comes with a higher cost Cost can be low or may be high Panoramic sunroofs have a very high cost

Moonroof, sunroof, and panoramic sunroof are all types of openings in the roof of a car that allow more light and air to enter the cabin. They differ in material, size, shade, price, and availability. Each type of roof opening has its own set of features, and the choice depends on the preference and needs of the car owner.

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