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What are the Differences Between Full-floating and Semi-floating Axles?

What is a Semi-floating Axle?

What is a Full-floating Axle?

Semi-floating Axle vs Full-floating Axle: Key Differences

Point of Comparison

Semi-floating Axle

Full-floating Axle

Weight-bearing capacity

The axle bears the vehicle’s weight as well as the rotational forces generated by the wheels.

The axle shaft focuses on the transmission of power, while the weight-bearing responsibility is of the wheel hub.

Weight distribution

More weight is on the axle shaft.

Weight is evenly distributed between the axle shaft and the wheel hub.


Suitable for regular driving or lighter loads.

More durable owing to the potential to withstand heavy loads.

Which is Better: Semi-floating or Full-floating Axle?

FAQs about Semi-floating Axle vs Full-floating Axle