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What is Four-stroke Engine in Cars?

What Is a Four-stroke Engine in Cars?

What Are the Different Parts of a Four-stroke Engine?

What Are the Phases a Piston Undergoes in a Four-stroke Engine?

What Is the Difference Between a 2-stroke Engine and a 4-stroke Engine?

Here is a table highlighting the major difference between the 2 engine types. Choosing the right entirely depends upon your specific requirements.

Point of Comparison 2-stroke Engine 4-stroke Engine
Weight Light in weight Approximately 50% heavier than a 2-stroke engine
Efficiency Consume fuel every 2 strokes, leading to more fuel wastage Consumes fuel once every 4 strokes and hence more efficient
Torque There is a higher RPM and more torque Creates higher torque at a lower RPM, thus providing efficient low-end power
Noise Generates loud noise Owing to smooth operation, 4-stroke engines are quieter compared to 2-stroke
Repair Cost Easier and less expensive to repair owing to simple construction Higher repair costs because of complex designs and other components
Application Commonly found in smaller applications like boat motors and chainsaws Commonly found in larger applications like go-karts and internal combustion engines in cars

The importance of four-stroke engines in today’s automobile world is owing to its ability to provide reliable and efficient power solutions while addressing environmental concerns through better fuel efficiency.

FAQs about Four-stroke Engine