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Roof Rails in Cars: Meaning, Benefits and Comparison

What is a Roof Rail in a Car?

Who Should Buy Roof Rails?

What are the Benefits of Roof Rails in Cars?

What are Roof Racks in Cars?

What are the Differences Between Roof Racks and Roof Rails in Cars?

Roof rails and roof racks share a common goal of allowing you to carry goods on top of your vehicle safely. However, there are a few primary differences listed in the table below:


Roof Rails

Roof Racks


Installed along the car’s roof, from hood to trunk.

Lies cross-way on your car, east to west across your car’s roof.


Most often comes as a design feature and serves as a platform for mounting accessories such as cargo carriers etc.

Acts as a carrier for goods like kayaks or other bulky items.


Easy installation and removal process.

Needs to be installed by professionals as they can identify the best roof racks suiting your unique requirements.

Which is Better: Roof Racks or Roof Rails in Cars?

FAQs about Roof Rails in Car