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Front Wheel Drive (FWD) Vs Rear Wheel Drive (RWD): Differences & Which one is Better?

What Is the Front-Wheel Drive?

What Is the Rear-Wheel Drive?

Differences Between Front-Wheel Drive and Rear-Wheel Drive

The table below enumerates the important factors and differences between front-wheel and rear-wheel drives:


Front-Wheel Drive

Rear-Wheel Drive


The weight of FWD vehicles may not be balanced.

The weight of the vehicle is evenly balanced.

Clutch and Gearbox

The clutch, gearbox and differential are a part of a single unit.

In RWD cars, the clutch and gearbox are not a part of a single unit.

Luggage Space

Spacious luggage space is present in the rear.

These have less spacious luggage space available at the rear because of a final drive at back.

Understeer Condition

These vehicles usually understeer on slippery slopes. This is undesirable.

RWD vehicles handle well on slippery slopes.

Propeller Shaft and Differential

In FWD cars, the differential is placed at their front. Additionally, the layout supports a low floor because of the absence of a propeller shaft.

The floor height is greater than front-wheel drive. A long propeller shaft and differential are present in the rear.


There is good traction on the roads. Additionally, holding capacity is good at the curves.

Here, there is less traction on the roads. The holding capacity is less as well.

Placement of weight

Wing wheels have more weight placed on them. This results in increased traction.

Driving wheels have less weight placed on them. So there is a chance that the vehicle might skid on slippery surfaces.

This blog has enumerated the important points regarding front-wheel drive vs rear-wheel drive. Fuel efficiency, affordability and driveability in poor weather conditions are distinct features of FWD cars. On the other hand, RWD cars ensure excellent handling. If you wish to buy a car, these points will help you make an informed decision.

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