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Paint Protection Film (PPF) Coating for Cars: Meaning, Importance and Build

What Is a Paint Protection Film Coating for Cars?

How Does a Paint Protection Film Work?

What Is the Cost of Paint Protection Films?

What Are the Factors Affecting the Cost of Paint Protection Films?

Advantages and Disadvantages of Paint Protection Films

Before you go running into the market to buy your PPF, we want to have a look at the benefits of PPF on cars along with the detriments associated: 



Preserve your paint from scratches and other contaminants


Protection against organic acids such as bird crap, tree sap, etc.

If you change cars often, there is no benefit

Long-term protection for up to 10 years

Cheap film deteriorates sooner than expected

How to Install Paint Protection Films?

Can Paint Protection Film and Ceramic Coating Be Used Together?

How Are Paint Protection Films Different from Vinyl Wraps?

FAQS about Paint Protection Film