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What is Horsepower in a Car & How is it Measured?

What is Horsepower in a Car?

How is Horsepower Measured in Engine Power?

How Does Horsepower Work in Car?

How Does it Impact Car Performance?

Why Consider Horsepower When Buying a Car?

What Is the Difference Between HP, BHP and Torque?

Refer to the following table to find out how different these three units are from each other.

Basis Horsepower (HP) Brake Horsepower (BHP) Torque 
Definition  It is the measurement of how rapidly a car engine can work.  It denotes the horsepower of a car resulting from the friction between the car's tyres and the road surface. The torque value of a car reflects the amount of force generated by a car's engine.
Significance   Play a crucial role in determining and sustaining a car's maximum speed.  This considers the energy lost due to friction.  It is the essential force required to initiate the car's motion, and accelerate swiftly.
Usage  Horsepower quantifies the overall power output of an engine. Brake Horsepower specifically gauges the power transmitted from the engine to the wheels. Torque quantifies how much of the twisting force is required when the engine starts. 

A higher torque value results in quicker attainment of the 0-62 mph milestone. Additionally, torque proves crucial when driving uphill on steep roads, providing the necessary power to navigate such inclines effectively.

In essence, torque contributes to the quickness of your vehicle, while horsepower contributes to its overall speed. Now that you know what horsepower is and how it works, you can make the right choice when selecting a car.

FAQs on Horsepower in Car