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What is a Hypercar: History, Advantages and Differences

What is a Hypercar?

What is the History of Hypercars?

What are the Advantages of a Hypercar?

How are Hypercars Different from Supercars?

Many people mix up the words "hypercar" and "supercar," thinking they mean the same thing. However, the things that make a hypercar different from a supercar include:

Criteria Hypercar Supercar
Design Cutting-edge, often futuristic design. Striking but generally more conventional.
Performance Unmatched speed and acceleration. Exceptional, but slightly less extreme.
Rarity Minimal production numbers, making them rare. Limited production but more widespread.
Technology Incorporates the latest and most advanced tech. Advanced technology, but not as extreme.
Fuel May include hybrid or electric propulsion. Primarily relies on internal combustion.
Engine High-displacement, often with mixed elements. Powerful internal combustion engine.
Exclusivity Exclusivity is a defining characteristic. Exclusive, but not to the same extent.
Usage Often designed for road and track use. Primarily focused on road performance.

What are Hypercars Meant to Serve?

FAQs about Hypercars