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J1 Visa: Eligibility Criteria, Types & Application Process

What Is a J1 Visa?

Eligibility Criteria for J1 Visa

What Are the Types of J1 Visa?

Application Process for a J1 Visa

Documents Required for a J1 Visa Application

What Are the Costs to Get a J1 Visa?

How Long Does It Take to Process a J1 Visa?

Duration of Stay for a J1 Visa


The duration of the stay depends on the program. You can, however, stay for 7 years on a J1 visa.

We have shown the validity for certain programs below -


Duration of Stay

Teachers/ professors/scholars/researchers

5 years

Medical grad students

7 years

Professional trainees and government visitors

1 year and 6 months or even up to 2 years

Camp counsellors and summer workers

4 months

Nannies and au pairs

1 year

Employees of the International Communication Agency

10 years or more.

Different Benefits of J1 Visa

Frequently Asked Questions