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Ather vs Bajaj Chetak Electric Scooters - Which One Should You Buy?

Compare Insurance Premium for Ather and Bajaj Chetak Two Wheelers

Ather Company Overview

Bajaj Chetak Electric Overview

Market Share of Ather and Bajaj Chetak Electric

Here, you can check the bike insurance price for the below 2 models, The premiums are calculated as per the model and details given below.


Ather Electric Bajaj Chetak Electric
Market Share 11% is February 2024 13% in November 2023
Units Sold 8,983 units in February 2024 11,000 units in January 2024

  • Ather Electric Market Share: In terms of cumulative sales, Ather is currently the third-largest player in the EV two-wheeler segment. In October 2023, the company reached a milestone by selling 10,056 units, indicating a 30% month-on-month rise.Ather is currently taking steps to increase its market share to 30% by the end of FY 2024. It is revising the prices of its current offerings to make them more competitive. Additionally, the company is also developing an indigenous charging system called the Light Electric Combined Charging System (LECCS), which is compatible with two, three and four-wheeler EVs.    
  • Bajaj Chetak Electric Market Share: Bajaj has recently crossed over to Ather to become the third-largest EV scooter manufacturer in terms of monthly sales. In 2022-23, this company had a 5% share in the EV two-wheelers market. By the end of 2023, this share had doubled to 10% and, thanks to its latest releases like Chetak Electric, has grown to 13%.As per company sources, these increasing numbers can be attributed to a widening distribution footprint, better supply, and competitive pricing of the Bajaj Chetak Electric scooter.

Compare the Segments and Mileage of Ather & Bajaj Chetak Electric

Check out the various segments and mileage details of Ather and Bajaj Chetak Electric in the tables below:

Types of Ather and Bajaj Chetak Electric Models by Segment


Ather  Bajaj
Electric scooters  Ather 450X, Ather 450S, Ather 450 Apex Bajaj Chetak Electric

Comparison of Ather and Bajaj Chetak Electric Models by Mileage


Ather Bajaj
Electric scooters  111-150 km on a single charge 113.9 km on a single charge

Ather’s current lineup consists of 3 models: Ather 450X, Ather 450S, and Ather 450 Apex. Their flagship model is the Ather 450 Apex, which has an ex-showroom price of around ₹1.88 lakh. It has a driving range of about 157 km/charge, 5.45 hours of charging time, 100 km/hr top speed, and a 3.7 kWh battery capacity.

Bajaj Chetak Electric is available in 4 variants, with prices ranging from ₹1.15 lakh to ₹1.44 lakh. The flagship version of this lineup is the Chetak Electric Premium TecPac 2024. It has a 63 km/hr top speed, 113 km riding range, 4 hours and 50 minutes of charging time, and front disc brakes.

Safety Features of Ather vs Bajaj Chetak Electric

Check out the safety features of Ather and Bajaj Chetak Electric in the table below:


Bajaj Chetak Electric
IP-67-rated dust and waterproof battery. IP-67-rated dust and waterproof battery.
Find My Scooter allows you to track the location of your two-wheeler hassle-free.  The Key Fob lets you instantly locate your ride within a 30-metre radius. 
FallSafe prevents the scooter from moving forward if you fall off your ride by cutting off the power supply. The On-Board Charger allows you to recharge your vehicle at any location.
Emergency Stop Signal (ESS) alerts nearby vehicles in cases of panic braking. Glide out of tricky spots effortlessly with the reverse mode.
Find Ather Grid Near You allows you to locate the nearest Ather charging station. Hill start assist ensures steady control and prevents roll-backs in sloping regions.
Tow & Theft Notifications alerts if someone moves your two-wheeler when locked. Tamper alerts notify you if someone tries to move your scooter when locked.
Dual disc brakes provide superb braking on both dry and wet roads.  Vehicle health information enables you to monitor the performance of your two-wheeler’s vital components seamlessly. 

After Sales Service & Support of Ather and Bajaj Chetak Electric

Here is a comparison of Ather and Bajaj Chetak Electric based on their after-sales service and support:


Bajaj Chetak Electric
156 service centres across India. 2,707 service centres across 515 cities.
30,000 km or 3 years standard vehicle warranty (whichever comes earlier) 50,000 km or 3 years standard vehicle warranty (whichever comes earlier)

Thus, when it comes to Ather and Bajaj Chetak Electric, the electric scooter you should choose depends on your budget, design preferences, and requirements. Compare the details of your chosen variant and ensure that you have adequate service centres nearby. 

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