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TVS Bikes vs Yamaha Bikes: Which One You Should Buy?

Compare Insurance Premium for TVS and Yamaha Two Wheelers

TVS Motor Company Overview

Yamaha Motor Company Overview

Market Share of TVS and Yamaha


TVS Yamaha
Market Share 17.43 % in January 2024 4.98% in H1 FY 2024
Units Sold 254,238 units in January 2024 142,887 units in first-half 2024

  • TVS Market Share: In January 2024, TVS recorded monthly sales of 254,238 units as compared to 208,731 units in January 2023. Their market share also increased from 16.45 % to 17.43 % YoY.
  • Yamaha Motor Market Share: Yamaha Motor Company marked a huge increase from 57,903 units sold in January 2023. Domestic sales were a major contributing factor that increased sales volume as the company experienced a dip in exports during the given time period. Furthermore, Yamaha had FZ and MT15 as popular choices in the domestic market.

Compare the Segments and Mileage of TVS & Yamaha Two Wheelers

Know about the segment-wise range and mileage of the models of TVS and Yamaha bikes in the tables mentioned below:

Types of TVS and Bajaj Models by Segment


TVS Yamaha
Scooters Jupiter, XL100 Aerox 155
Bikes (100 to 150 cc) TVS Raider 125, Ntorq 125 FZ FI, FZS Fi V4
Bikes (150 to 250 cc) Apache RTR 160, Apache RTR 180 FZ25, YZF-R15 version 3.0
Bikes (Above 250 cc) Apache RTR 310 MT - 03, YZF - R3
Electric Bikes and Scooters iQube Neo (Yet to be launched - August 2024)

Comparison of TVS and Yamaha Models by Mileage


TVS Mileage (Averagely) Yamaha (Averagely)
Scooters 45 to 50 kmpl 40 to 55 kmpl
Bikes (100 to 150 cc) 65 to 70 kmpl 40 to 50 kmpl
Bikes (150 to 250 cc) 40 to 50 kmpl 35 to 40 kmpl
Bikes (Above 250 cc) 35 to 40 kmpl 20 to 30 kmpl
Electric Bikes and Scooters 75 to 140 km/charge 30 to 40 km/charge

TVS is one of the largest two-wheeler companies in the world that offers a range of diverse vehicles catering to different segments. Some of the notable ones include race-inspiring Apache bikes, scooters, and commuter motorcycles. Scooters from TVS are popular for their comfort and convenience. While TVS Jupiter is known for its affordability, Ntorq is a premium scooter offering from TVS. 

In contrast, Yamaha has grown to be one of the largest two-wheeler brands owing to its reputation for reliability and innovation. The Yamaha R15 V4 is a famous bike known for its sporty design. They have recently launched new color schemes for the FZ street bikes, FZ-X neo-retro, and more.

Safety Features in TVS and Yamaha

Read on to learn the safety features of the two brands:


Synchronised Braking System for better control. Advanced Motorcycle Stability Assist System offers control through drive and steering force management.
A combined braking system or CBS helps distribute braking force between the front and rear wheels simultaneously. The Electronic Control System ensures stabilisation at low speed.
LED Lighting for better visibility on the road. Connectivity Assist helps reduce accidents caused by human errors.
Engine Kill Switch to help riders immediately switch off the engine in emergency situations. Safety Classes Expansion analyses each rider’s riding condition and offers feedback based on the same.
Tubeless tyres help reduce the risk of sudden deflation. Anti-Lock Braking System prevents vehicles from locking during sudden breaks.
Digital Instrument Clusters provide clearer displays for quick access to essential information like speed and fuel level. Slipper Clutch to enhance rider control and stability.

After Sales Service & Support of TVS and Yamaha

Let’s now learn about the after-sales services of the two brands:


Warranty typically lasts one year from the date of sale Yamaha lifetime quality care service to identity and offer maintenance to the Yamaha two-wheelers
Complimentary cleaning 2 years standard + 3 years of extended warranty facility available from the date of sale
Pickup and drop facility available  Pickup and drop at doorstep

To conclude, both these leading two-wheeler brands offer a wide range of vehicles to suit every rider's preferences. All the models available in the market for the TVS and Yamaha are equipped with top-notch features to enhance riders' experience. When considering buying a two-wheeler, the best deal will entirely depend on your budget and personal use case.
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