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Honda Bikes vs Yamaha Bikes - Which One You Should Buy?

Compare Insurance Premium for Honda and Yamaha Two Wheelers

Honda Company Overview

Yamaha Company Overview

Market Share of Honda and Yamaha


Honda Yamaha
Market Share 24.48% in January 2024 4.98% in H1 FY 2024
Units Sold 3,57,088 units in January 2024 1,42,887 units in first-half 2024

  • Honda Market Share: Honda’s two-wheeler sales grew at 41.51%. The domestic sales were at 3,57,088 units, up 37.52% over 2,78,143 units sold in January 2023. The company also inaugurated a 3rd assembly line in Gujarat with a total capacity of 6.5 lakh units in January 2024.
  • Yamaha Motor Market Share: Yamaha Motor Company marked a massive increase from 57,903 units sold in January 2023 to 1,42,887 in January 2024. Domestic sales were a major contributing factor that increased sales volume as the company experienced a dip in exports during the given period.

Compare the Segments and Mileage of Honda & Yamaha Two Wheelers

This table captures the segment-wise range and mileage of the models of Honda and Yamaha:

Types of Honda & Yamaha Models by Segment


Honda Yamaha
Scooters Activa 6G, Dio, Activa 125 Aerox 155
Bikes (100 to 150 cc) SP 125, Shine FZ FI, FZS Fi V4
Bikes (150 to 250 cc) Unicorn, Hornet 2.0 FZ25, YZF-R15 version 3.0
Bikes (Above 250 cc) Hness CB350, CB350 RS MT - 03, YZF - R3
Electric Bikes and Scooters Activa Electric Neo (Yet to be launched - August 2024)

Comparison of Honda and Yamaha Models by Mileage


Honda Mileage (Averagely) Yamaha (Averagely)
Scooters 45 to 60 kmpl 40 to 55 kmpl
Bikes (100 to 150 cc) 55 to 65 kmpl 40 to 50 kmpl
Bikes (150 to 250 cc) 40 to 50 kmpl 35 to 40 kmpl
Bikes (Above 250 cc) 30 to 40 kmpl 20 to 30 kmpl
Electric Bikes and Scooters 90 to 100 km/charge 30 to 40 km/charge

Honda stands as the top two-wheeler-selling brand, renowned for its efficient lineup of scooters and motorcycles. The most popular Honda bikes are the Honda Shine, Honda Activa 6G, and Honda SP 125. A distinguishing feature of many Honda two-wheelers is their advanced safety features like the Anti-Lock Braking System, Responsive Suspension System, etc. 

Yamaha, on the other hand, has grown to be one of the largest two-wheeler brands owing to its reputation for reliability and innovation. The Yamaha R15 V4, MT 15 V2, R15 V4, and FZS Fi V4 are some of the popular bike models.

Safety Features in Honda and Yamaha

Read on to know the safety features of the two brands:


Anti-Lock Braking System enhances braking performance. Anti-Lock Braking System prevents vehicles from locking during sudden breaks.
Traction Control helps monitor and regulate the speed of the vehicle. The Electronic Control System ensures stabilisation at low speed.
Responsive Suspension System helps to adapt to varying road conditions. Advanced Motorcycle Stability Assist System offers control through drive.
Equipped with LED headlights and taillights that offer better visibility, especially in adverse conditions. Slipper Clutch enhances rider control and stability during downshifting or sudden deceleration.

After Sales Service & Support of Honda and Yamaha

Know about the after-sales services of the two brands in the table below:


3-year standard warranty + a decade of extended warranty Yamaha lifetime quality care service
24x7 emergency roadside assistance 2-year standard + 3-year of extended warranty
Assistance with technical queries Pickup and drop at the doorstep

Honda and Yamaha offer an array of two-wheeler options to suit various riders' preferences. With distinct designs and features, buyers have ample options to explore. While buying a new bike can be quite exciting, assessing individual needs, preferences, and budget limitations is essential.

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