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Yamaha Bikes vs Suzuki Bikes - Which One You Should Buy?

Compare Insurance Premium for Yamaha and Suzuki Two Wheelers

Yamaha Motor Company Overview

Suzuki Motorcycle Company Overview

Market Share of Yamaha and Suzuki


Yamaha Motor Suzuki Motorcycle
Market share 3.32% as of December 2023 66,262 as of December 2023
Units sold 48,192 as of December 2023 4.57% as of December 2023

  • Yamaha Motor Market Share: According to FADA (Federation of Automobile Dealers Associations), Yamaha Motor Company reported 48,192 units sold overall as of December 2023, with 40,042 units sold domestically. By comparison, this represented a 32.78% increase from December 2022. In contrast, month-over-month sales decreased by 33.50% from November 2023.
  • Suzuki Motorcycle Market Share: Suzuki's December 2023 sales stood at 66,262 units overall, a 24% increase over the previous year. During the same month of the previous year, the company sold 53,214 units. This surge reflects Suzuki's robust market presence and the effectiveness of its sales strategies.

Compare the Segments and Mileage of Yamaha & Suzuki Two Wheelers

Go through the table below to know the segment-wise mileage and models of these two brands:

Types of Yamaha and Suzuki Models by Segment


Yamaha Suzuki
Scooters Ray ZR 125, Fascino 125, Aerox 155 Access 125, Burgman Street 125, Avenis 125
Bikes (100-150 cc) FZ FI, FZ X, FZ S FI -
Bikes (150-200 cc) MT 15 V2, R15S Gixxer SF
Bikes (above 200 cc) YZF-R3, MT-03 Hayabusa, V-Strom SX, Katana
Electric and hybrid bikes/scooters Fascino 125 -

Comparison of Yamaha and Suzuki Models by Mileage


Yamaha Suzuki
Scooters 49 kmpl 50-58 kmpl
Bikes (100-150 cc) 60 kmpl -
Bikes (150-200 cc) 40-51 kmpl 40-55 kmpl
Bikes (above 200 cc) 25-30 kmpl 25-36 kmpl
Electric and hybrid bikes/scooters 60 km/charge -

The starting price of a Yamaha bike is ₹81,981. The most well-liked bikes among Yamaha's twelve new models available in India are the MT 15 V2, R15 V4, and FZ FI. Yamaha's upcoming motorcycles are the MT-09, YZF-R7, and Nmax 155.

The starting price of a Suzuki bike is ₹82,253. In India, Suzuki offers ten new models; the Access 125, Burgman Street 125, and Gixxer SF are the most well-liked bikes. The Suzuki GSX-8S, V-Strom 800DE, and Burgman Street Electric are among their upcoming motorcycles.

Safety Features of Yamaha and Suzuki

Find out about the safety features of these two bikes:


Slipper Clutch reduces the effect of engine braking at times of rapid downshifts. Stability Control and Traction Control provide stability when on the road.
The Anti-Lock Braking System prevents the bike from skidding while suddenly braking. The Anti-Lock Braking System prevents the bike from skidding while suddenly braking.
Parking Brakes hold the vehicle while stationary. Automatic Lighting provides an alert on contact with a foreign object.
Riding History provides a history of all the places your bike has been to. Suzuki Advanced Immobilizer System prevents unauthorised use of the bike.
Answer Back helps locate the bike. Front-Wheel Speed Sensor detects wheel speed and provides better stability.
Locate My Bike is a bike indicator that illuminates for 10 seconds. The windscreen helps deflect wind and sand while driving.

After Sales Service & Support of Yamaha and Suzuki

The after-sales maintenance of Yamaha and Suzuki is mentioned below:


Lifetime quality care service for complete maintenance Doorstep pickup and drop off
Extended warranty facility 24x7 roadside assistance
24x7 roadside assistance facility Free service facility

To conclude, both Yamaha and Suzuki have an extensive line-up of bike models. They both foray into the Indian market with super-stylish superbikes with different features. Thus, you need to compare the models manufactured by the two brands and choose the one you like most.

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