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Royal Enfield vs KTM - Which One You Should Buy?

Compare Insurance Premium for Royal Enfield and KTM Two Wheelers

Royal Enfield Company Overview

KTM Company Overview

Market Share of Royal Enfield and KTM


Royal Enfield KTM
Market share 37.06% in December 2023 67.10% in December 2023
Units sold 65,816 units sold in January 2024 5,755 in January 2024

  • Royal Enfield Market Share: In December 2023, Royal Enfield sold 63,387 bikes in India. This includes domestic sales and exports. Although the digits are whopping, it is still a degrowth compared to the 68,400 units sold in December 2022. Segment-wise, the most sold bikes of Royal Enfield belonged to the 350 cc category.
  • KTM Market Share: Almost 53,000 KTM motorcycles were sold in India during the 2023 fiscal year. Recovering from the effects of the coronavirus pandemic, it was a slight increase over the previous year. In 2020, the company redesigned its line of products. It updated its current fleet of bikes and added two new ones.

Compare the Segments and Mileage of Royal Enfield & KTM Two Wheelers

The following table mentions the segment-wise top models and mileage of bikes produced by both these companies:

Types of Royal Enfield and KTM Models by Segment


Royal Enfield KTM
Bikes (100-150 cc) - 125 Duke, RC 125
Bikes (150-200 cc) - 200 Duke, RC 200
Bikes (above 200 cc) Hunter 350, Shotgun 650, Interceptor 650 390 Duke, 390 Adventure, 390 Duke

Comparison of Royal Enfield and KTM Models by Mileage


Royal Enfield KTM
Bikes (100-150 cc) - 47 kmpl
Bikes (150-200 cc) - 44 kmpl
Bikes (above 200 cc) 20-30 kmpl 33 kmpl

Royal Enfield has ten new models in India; the most well-liked ones are the Continental GT 650, Hunter 350, and Bullet 350.   The Bullet, Classic, Thunderbird, Himalayan, Interceptor 650, and Continental GT 650 are available from Royal Enfield.

In India, KTM offers ten new models, the 200 Duke, 390 Duke, and 250 Duke being the most well-liked. KTM also owns Husqvarna; the Vitpilen 401 and Svartpilen models are produced at the Bajaj-KTM facility in India.

Safety Features in Royal Enfield and KTM

Royal Enfield

The Anti-Lock Braking System improves braking stability and prevents the bike from skidding. The Anti-Lock Braking System improves braking stability and prevents the bike from skidding.
The slipper clutch prevents the effect of engine braking. Hazard Lights make your bike visible from a distance to prevent accidents.
Malfunction Indicator Lamp indicates whenever there’s a breakdown. Blind Spot Detection warns about any vehicle coming from behind.
Fuel Level Indicator alerts when the fuel goes below the indicated level. LED Light for improved visibility during dark hours.
The Rollover Sensor switches off the engine if the bike falls over. Engine Check Warning informs about any possible engine malfunction.
Neutral Indicator glows when the vehicle is in neutral mode. The Side Stand Indicator indicates when your bike’s side stand is down.

After Sales Service & Support of Royal Enfield and KTM

Find out about the after-sales service and support features of these two brands in the table below:

Royal Enfield

24X7 roadside assistance Orange Assist (24x7 roadside assistance)
AMC (annual maintenance contract) Availability of genuine spare parts
Around 2057 service stations in India Over 450 service stations

Both Royal Enfield and KTM have an extensive fleet of bikes. Although Royal Enfield makes bikes above 350 cc, you can find a few options of 100-150 cc bikes from KTM. Finally, choosing these two brands would depend on your taste and preferences.

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