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Hero Bikes vs Honda Bikes - Which One You Should Buy?

Compare Insurance Premium for Hero and Honda Two Wheelers

Hero MotorCorp Limited Company Overview

Honda Motorcycle Company Overview

Market Share of Hero and Honda


Hero Honda
Market Share 28.13 % in January 2024 24.48% in January 2024
Units Sold 4,10,395 units in January 2024 3,57,088 units in January 2024

  • Hero Market Share: Hero MotorCorp sold 4,10,395 units in January 2024, marking an increase from 3,71,244 in January 2023. However, the company’s market share saw a dip from 29.26 % to 28.13% YoY basis.
  • Honda Market Share: Honda sold 4,10,395 units in January 2024 in comparison to 3,18,817 units sold in January 2023. The company gave an exciting 2023 with several new launches and price cuts on some of its popular offerings.

Compare the Segments and Mileage of Hero & Honda Two Wheelers

Know about the segment-wise range and mileage of the models of Hero and Honda in the tables mentioned below: 

Types of Hero and Honda Models by Segment


Hero Honda
Scooters Xoom, Destini Prime, Pleasure+ XTEC Activa 6G, Dio, Activa 125
Bikes (100 to 150 cc) Passion XTEC, Glamour F1 SP 125, Shine
Bikes (150 to 250 cc) Xtreme 160R, Xtreme 200S 4V, Karizma XMR Unicorn, Hornet 2.0
Bikes (Above 250 cc) Hero HX250R Hness CB350, CB350 RS
Electric Bikes and Scooters Electric Photon LP, Electric Atria LX Activa Electric

Comparison of Hero and Honda Models by Mileage


Hero Mileage (Averagely) Honda (Averagely)
Scooters 40 to 50 kmpl 45 to 60 kmpl
Bikes (100 to 150 cc) 55 to 60 kmpl 55 to 65 kmpl
Bikes (150 to 250 cc) 40 to 50 kmpl  40 to 50 kmpl
Bikes (Above 250 cc) 30 to 40 kmpl 30 to 40 kmpl
Electric Bikes and Scooters 30 to 40 km/charge 90 to 100 km/charge

Hero offers a range of bikes, including Splendor Plus, Passion XTEC and Passion Pro. In line with the company's philosophy, Hero is committed to manufacturing and selling high-quality products. It is the preferred choice of riders who want a premium riding experience at affordable prices. 

Two-wheelers Honda sells include Dio, Unicorn, Shine, Aviator, Dream Yuga and more. The company is reputed for building efficient, durable, and stylish two-wheelers at affordable prices. This is the number one reason why the company has earned people’s trust across the globe.


Safety Features in Hero and Honda

Read on to know the safety features of the two brands:


Powerful Drum Braking System to keep you secure on the road. Anti-Lock Braking System helps improve braking performance and safety.
Side Stand Indicator to alert the rider when the side stand is engaged. Traction Control helps monitor the speed of the vehicle.
Integrated Braking System to enhance the braking performance and stability.  The Responsive Suspension System helps to adapt to varying road conditions.
Traction Control prevents skidding, wheelies and drifting. The Combi Brake System (CBS) helps with braking in emergencies.

After Sales Service & Support of Hero and Honda

Let’s now learn about the after-sales services of the two brands:


Warranty typically lasts 5 years or 70,000 km, whichever is earlier 3 years standard warranty + a decade of extended warranty
Free services within the stipulated conditions of time or km range Clock-emergency roadside assistance
Doorstep bike service free of cost  

Hero and Honda bikes offer a wide collection of two-wheelers, including scooters, motorcycles and commuters. They cater to the needs of all types of riders across various requirements. When considering a bike purchase from Hero or Honda, you must evaluate your individual needs and budget limitations and make decisions accordingly.
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