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Royal Enfield Bikes vs Yamaha Bikes - Which One You Should Buy?

Compare Insurance Premium for Royal Enfield and Yamaha Two Wheelers

Royal Enfield Company Overview

Yamaha Motor Company Overview

Market Share of Royal Enfield and Yamaha


Royal Enfield Yamaha
Market share 37.06% in December 2023 4.98% in H1 FY 2024
Units sold 65,816 units sold in January 2024 142,887 units in first-half 2024

  • Royal Enfield Market Share: Royal Enfield's domestic sales and exports stood at a whopping 63,387 units in December 2023. With this, the company bagged a 37.06% share in the Indian market. However, the December sales data showed degrowth as compared to the 68,400 units sold in the same month the previous year.
  • Yamaha Motor Market Share: Yamaha Motor Company reported 63,375 units sold overall as of December 2023, with 40,042 units sold domestically. By comparison, this represented a 32.78% increase from December 2022. In contrast, month-over-month sales decreased by 33.50% from November 2023.

Compare the Segments and Mileage of Royal Enfield & Yamaha Two Wheelers

Find out the segment-wise mileage and model details of both the companies:

Types of Royal Enfield & Yamaha Models by Segment


Royal Enfield Yamaha
Scooters - Ray ZR 125, Fascino 125, Aerox 155
Bikes (100-150 cc) - FZ FI, FZ X, FZS Fi V4
Bikes (150-200 cc) - MT 15 V2, R15 V4, R15S
Bikes (above 200 cc) Hunter 350, Continental GT 650, Bullet 350, Himalayan 450 YZF-R3, MT-03
Electric and Hybrid scooters - Fascino 125

Comparison of Royal Enfield and Yamaha Models by Mileage


Royal Enfield Yamaha 
Scooters 40-50 kmpl 40-49 kmpl
Bikes (100-150 cc) 40 - 50 kmpl 49-60 kmpl
Bikes (150-200 cc) 35-40 kmpl 51 kmpl
Bikes (above 200 cc) 20-30 kmpl 25-30 kmpl
Electric and Hybrid scooters - 69 km/charge

Internationally, Yamaha may be associated with sports cars, but its inventory in India includes a diverse selection of two-wheelers from several market niches. The brand offers a wide range of motorcycles, from 100cc commuters to litre-class superbikes. Scooters have been the company's recent focus as it looks to increase volumes. 

Meanwhile, Royal Enfield entirely focuses on producing cruisers above 300 cc. Currently, the Bullet, Classic, Thunderbird, Himalayan, Interceptor 650, and Continental GT 650 are available from Royal Enfield.

Safety Features of Royal Enfield and Yamaha

Read on to know the safety features of the two brands:

Royal Enfield

The Anti-Lock Braking System keeps the wheels from locking up when braking suddenly. Advanced Motorcycle Stability Assist System provides driving and steering control.
Rear Disc Brakes follow an enhanced rear breaking mechanism. Answer Back responds to the rider in emergencies.
Fuel Level Indicator warns when fuel is low. E-Lock to prevent theft.
Malfunction Indicator Lamp warns for engine issues. Locate My Bike helps find the vehicle.

After Sales Service & Support of Royal Enfield and Yamaha

Royal Enfield

Yamaha Motor
It has around 2075 service centres spread across India The company has around 1578 service centres in India
24x7 roadside assistance 24x7 roadside assistance, AMC
4 free services for 9 months 5 free services after 1000 km onwards

Evidently, Royal Enfield and Yamaha Motor both offer an extensive line-up of technology-laden bike models. You can analyse all the features of these two companies mentioned above and purchase a two-wheeler of your choice.

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