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Hero Bikes vs Bajaj Bikes: Which One You Should Buy?

Compare Insurance Premium for Hero and Bajaj Two Wheelers

Hero MotorCorp Limited Company Overview

Bajaj Company Overview

Market Share of Hero and Bajaj


Hero Bajaj
Market Share 28.13 % in January 2024 19.06% in FY 2023
Units Sold 4,10,395 units in January 2024 193,350 units in January 2024

  • Hero Market Share: In January 2024, Hero MotorCorp sold a total of 4,10,395 units against 3,71,244 units in January 2023. However, despite the increase in units sold, the company’s market share saw a dip from 29.26 % to 28.13% YoY basis.
  • Bajaj Market Share: Bajaj recorded a 36% increase in domestic sales, with 1,93,350 units  sold in January 2024 compared to 1,42,368 units in January 2023. Two-wheeler sales of Bajaj in 2024 specifically saw a substantial increase of 27%, with 3,08,248 units compared to 243,047 units in January 2023.

Compare the Segments and Mileage of Hero and Bajaj Two Wheelers

Know about the segment-wise range and mileage of the models of Hero and Bajaj in the tables mentioned below:

Types of Hero and Honda Models by Segment


Hero Bajaj
Scooters Xoom, Destini Prime, Pleasure+ XTEC Chetak
Bikes (100 to 150 cc) Passion XTEC, Glamour F1 Bajaj Platina 100
Bikes (150 to 250 cc) Xtreme 160R, XTREME 200S 4V, Karizma XMR Pulsar N160, Avenger 160 Street
Bikes (Above 250 cc) Hero HX250R Pulsar F250
Electric Bikes and Scooters Electric Photon LP, Electric Atria LX Chetak

Comparison of Hero and Bajaj Models by Mileage


Hero Mileage (Averagely) Bajaj Mileage (Averagely)
Scooters 40 to 50 kmpl 40 to 50 kmpl
Bikes (100 to 150 cc) 55 to 60 kmpl 65 to 70 kmpl
Bikes (150 to 250 cc) 40 to 50 kmpl  40 to 50 kmpl
Bikes (Above 250 cc) 30 to 40 kmpl 30 to 40 kmpl
Electric Bikes and Scooters 30 to 40 km/charge 100 to 130 km/charge

Hero stands as one of the leading two-wheeler companies in India. The Company offers a range of exciting bikes, including Splendor Plus, Passion XTEC and Passion Pro. The company has invested a good amount of money in R&D in the past few years, which definitely gives it a strong competitive advantage over other two-wheeler manufacturers in India. 

Bajaj, on the other hand, provides a varied selection of vehicles across segments. Their popular models include the Pulsar Series, Dominar Series, and more, catering to diverse riding requirements. No wonder it is the preferred choice of riders who want a premium riding experience at affordable prices.

Safety Features in Hero and Bajaj

Read on to know the safety features of the two brands:


Powerful Drum Braking System to keep you secure on the road. The Anti-Lock Braking System improves the stability of the bike.
Integrated Braking System to enhance braking performance and stability. Electric Shock protects the user while charging the vehicle.
LED lighting offers improved visibility to riders on the road. Sturdy bike construction enhances the rider's overall safety in unfortunate events.
Side Stand Indicator to alert the rider when the side stand is engaged. Voltage Surge Protection protects a vehicle's electrical systems from sudden spikes in voltage.
Premium Helmet Lock to reduce the risk of helmet misplacement Bi-functional Projectors LED Head Lamps for better road visibility.

After Sales Service & Support of Hero and Bajaj

Let’s delve into the after-sales services of the two brands:


Warranty typically lasts 5 years or 70,000 km  Warranty covering a duration of 5 years or 75,000 km
Free services within the stipulated conditions of time period or km range 24x7 roadside assistance
Doorstep bike service free of cost Pickup and drop facility available 

Hero and Bajaj offer a wide collection of two-wheelers to suit various riders' preferences. When contemplating a bike purchase from Hero or Bajaj, assessing your individual needs and budget limitations is crucial. Factors such as bike maintenance costs, riding style, and brand reputation should be taken into consideration before making the purchase decision.
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