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Ola Scooters vs Ather Scooters - Which One You Should Buy?

Compare Insurance Premium for Ola and Ather Two Wheelers

Ola Electric Company Overview

Ather Energy Company Overview

Market Share of Ola and Ather


Ola Electric Ather Energy
Market share 40% in December 2023 0.45% in December 2023
Units sold 30,219 units in December 2023 6,493 units in December 2023

  • Ola Market Share: In December 2023, Ola captured a 74% year-on-year sales growth. The company also claims to have logged a 68% growth in the quarter (October - December) with 83,936 units, compared to the same quarter in 2022. Cumulatively, it sold around 2.65 lakh electric scooters in 2023.
  • Ather Market Share: Ather Energy entered the family-friendly electric scooter market when its market share was erratic. FADA data shows that the company sold 7,695 units in December 2022, accounting for 0.68% of the market share.

Compare the Segments and Mileage of Ola & Ather Electric Scooters

Go through the following table to learn about the segment-wise range and mileage of scooters produced by both these brands:

Types of Ola and Ather Models by Segment


Ola  Ather
Electric scooters  S1 Pro, S1 X, S1 Air  450X, 450S, 450 Apex 

Comparison of Ola and Ather Models by Mileage


Ola  Ather
Electric scooters  5-7.4 hours/charge 5.45-8.36 hours/charge

The price of Ola scooters starts at ₹79,999. The S1 Pro, S1 X, and S1 Air are the three most popular scooters Ola offers in India. The S1 Pro is the most expensive OLA scooter, costing ₹1,29,999. The company plans to launch electric scooters too soon, with a stylish line-up of 4 models: Diamondhead, Roadster, Adventure, and Cruiser.

The starting price of an Ather scooter is Rs. ₹1,27,733. In India, Ather provides three new models: the 450X, 450S, and 450 Apex are the most well-liked scooters. Rizta is a part of Ather's next scooter. The most costly Ather scooter is the 450 Apex, which costs Rs. 1,89,022.

Safety Features of Ola and Ather

Check out the top safety features of Ola and Ather scooters:


Ola Sense maximises performance, safety, temperature, range, and other factors. FallSafeTM stops the scooter's motor from receiving power and prevents it from moving further. 
Regenerative Braking extends the scooter's range and saves fuel. Emergency Stop Signal alerts if the scooter surpasses the maximum speed limit.
The Anti-Lock Braking System prevents scooters from skidding when suddenly braking. Theft and Tow Alert warns you about tow or theft.
Power Modes for a balanced and stabilised riding experience. IP67-rated water and dust resistance.
BMS Sensors work 24 hours a day to detect any cell issues. Dual Disc Brakes offer better braking power.
IP67-rated water and dust resistance. Low Battery Alert warns when the battery reaches a minimum level.

After Sales Service & Support of Ola and Ather


414 service centres across India 11 service centres across India
24x7 roadside assistance 3-year vehicle warranty, with extended warranty available

Both Ola and Ather have a decent electric scooter line-up. Although Ola boasts a huge customer base, Ather is still setting up its footprint nationwide. You can compare the key specifications of the scooters produced by both these brands and then choose the one that best suits your preference.

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