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Bajaj Bikes vs Yamaha Bikes - Which One You Should Buy?

Compare Insurance Premium for Honda and Yamaha Two Wheelers

Bajaj Company Overview

Yamaha Motor Company Overview

Market Share of Hero and Bajaj


Bajaj Auto Yamaha Motor
Market Share 33% in 2023 3.78% in 2023
Units Sold 3,26,806 in December 2023 63,375 in December 2023

  • Bajaj Market Share: Manufacturer of two- and three-wheelers Bajaj Auto reported a 16% increase in total sales in December over the same month last year. The manufacturer sold 3,26,806 units in December 2023 as opposed to 2,81,514 units in December 2022. Year over year (YoY), the company's domestic sales increased by 28% in December to 1,90,919 units from 1,48,583 units. 
  • Yamaha Market Share: Yamaha Motor Company reported 63,375 units sold overall as of December 2023, with 40,042 units sold domestically. By comparison, this represented a 32.78% increase from December 2022. In contrast, month-over-month sales decreased by 33.50% from November 2023.

Compare the Segments and Mileage of Bajaj & Yamaha Two Wheelers

To know the segment-wise comparison of Bajaj and Yamaha two-wheelers, read on.

Types of Bajaj and Yamaha Models by Segment


Bajaj Yamaha
Scooter Chetak Aerox 155, RayZR Street Rally 125 Fi Hybrid, Fascino 125 FI Hybrid
Bikes (100-150 cc) CT 100, Discover 125, V15 FZ X, Ray ZR 125, FZ S FI
Bikes (150-200 cc) Pulsar RS, Avenger  R15 V4, Aerox 155
Bikes (above 200 cc) Dominar 400, Avenger 200 FZ25
Electric bikes and scooters Chetak Fascino 125

Comparison of Bajaj and Yamaha Models by Mileage


Bajaj Mileage (average) Yamaha mileage (average)
Scooters 113 - 127 Km/charge 42-71 kmpl
Bikes (100-150 cc) 49-60 kmpl 45-55 kmpl
Bikes (150-200 cc) 52 kmpl 40-51 kmpl
Bikes (above 200 cc) 39-44 kmpl 39-40 kmpl
Electric bikes and scooters 113 - 127 km/charge 50-58 km/charge

Bajaj offers a wide range of two-wheeler options, ranging from its iconic Chetak to the stylish Dominar 400. The manufacturer has shifted its emphasis from producing scooters to just motorcycles. Currently, Bajaj Auto offers a number of bike models under different brands, including Pulsar, Avenger, Platina, Discover, and the recently introduced V.

On the other hand, Yamaha is known for producing sports bikes. Yamaha has a long history of success in motorcycling, and it became well-known for producing two-stroke bikes that performed exceptionally well in top-class competitions.

Safety Features of Bajaj vs Yamaha

Find out about the top safety features of Bajaj and Yamaha bikes:


Front disc brake enhances braking efficiency. E-lock is an advanced locking mechanism.
Anti-lock braking system prevents wheel lock during braking. Parking record tracks parking location data.
Tubeless tyres enhance bike durability. Hazard alerts about potential dangers.

After Sales Service & Support of Bajaj and Yamaha

The following table mentions the after-sales service and support of both Bajaj and Yamaha:


Over 2707 service centres in 515 cities Around 1578 service centres in 461 cities

Both Bajaj and Yamaha offer an extensive line-up of bike and scooter models. You can easily draw a comparison between the two leading two-wheeler manufacturers based on the details provided here and purchase the one that best suits your preferences.

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