Best Cardiovascular Exercises for Heart Patients

What is Cardiovascular Exercise?

Causes of Cardiovascular Diseases

20 Best Exercises for Heart Patients

High-Impact Cardiovascular Exercises

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Types of Equipment Required for Cardiovascular Exercises

Specific equipment is needed for some heart patient workouts to improve their safety and effectiveness. Such activities are included in this table to make sure cardiac patients are ready for a thorough fitness regimen.

Here's a list of equipment commonly used for Cardiovascular Exercises:


Required Equipment
Walking or running indoors Treadmill
Improve balance and core strength Stability Discs
Swimming workouts Swim Gear
Running Heart Rate Monitor
Balancing exercises Balance Board
Jumping Rope Jump Rope
Strengthening exercises Exercise Ball
Pilates Yoga Mat
Resistance Exercises Resistance Bands
Rowing  Rowing Machine
Elliptical Training Elliptical Trainer
Cycling Stationary Bike

Benefits of Exercise for Cardiovascular Disease Patients

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