Top 14 Exercises to Relieve Knee & Joint Pain

What is Knee Pain?

Causes of Knee Pain

Symptoms of Knee Pain

14 Best Exercises for Knee Pain

Types of Equipment Required for Knee Pain Workouts

Many knee pain exercises can be done with little to no equipment, but having access to some basic items can enhance your workout experience and effectiveness. Here's what you might find useful:


Floor exercises Exercise Mat
Leg lifts and clamshells Resistance Bands
Bridges and hamstring curls Stability Ball
Step-ups and seated leg lifts Chair or Step
Cycling Stationary Bike
Swimming Swimming Pool
Running Cushioned Shoes

Benefits of Knee Pain Exercise

Exercises to Avoid for Knee Pain

Precautions Should Be Taken While Exercising With Knee Pain

FAQs about Exercises for Knee Pain