18 Best Exercises for Building Muscular Strength

What is Muscular Strength?

How to Maintain Muscular Strength?

18 Best Exercises for Muscular Strength

Upper Body Strength Exercises for Muscular Strength

Lower Body Strength Exercises

Core Strength Exercises

Full Body Strength Exercises

Types of Equipment Required for Muscular Strength Exercises

Certain muscular strength exercises require specific equipment to enhance their effectiveness and safety. This table lists exercises requiring equipment, ensuring a comprehensive workout routine.


Required Equipment
Biceps Curl Dumbbells or Barbells
Gripping Tennis Ball
Tricep Dips Parallel Bars or Bench
Shoulder Press Dumbbells or Barbell
Single-leg Hip Raise Exercise Mat
Abdominal Crunch Exercise Mat
Russian Twists Medicine Ball or Dumbbell
Deadlifts Barbell
Kettlebell Swings Kettlebell
Medicine Ball Slams Medicine Ball

Benefits of Exercise for Muscular Strength

Who Should Avoid These Muscular Strength Exercises?

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