20 Best Exercises for Lower Back Pain for Faster Recovery

What is Lower Back Pain?

What are the Symptoms of Lower Back Pain?

What are the Causes of Lower Back Pain?

Best Exercises for Lower Back Pain

Relief Exercises and Stretches

Cardio Exercises

Strength Training

Flexibility and Balance Exercises

Mind and Body Exercises

Types of Equipment Required for Exercises

The equipment you need for your exercises will depend on your specific goals and preferences. However, some general categories of equipment can be helpful for a variety of exercises.


Required Equipment
Floor exercises Exercise mat
Stability ball back extensions Stability ball
Hyperextensions Roman chair
Seated rows and standing extensions  Resistance bands
Deadlifts and Romanian deadlifts Barbell
Hanging leg raises  Pull-up bar
Yoga poses Yoga block 

What Are the Risk Factors That Affect Lower Back Pain?

How Does Exercising Help Relieve Lower Back Pain?

Which Exercises to Avoid for Lower Back Pain?

Safety Precautions for Lower Back Pain

FAQs about Exercises for Lower Back Pain