20 Best Exercises for Thyroid Patients to Lose Weight

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20 Best Exercises for Thyroid Patients

Low-Impact Cardiovascular Exercises for Thyroid

Strength Training Exercises for Thyroid Patients

Flexibility and Balance Exercises for Thyroid

Mind-Body Exercises for Thyroid

Exercises Targeting Weight Loss and Metabolism for Thyroid Patients

Types of Equipment Required for Thyroid Exercise

Certain thyroid patient exercises require specific equipment to enhance their effectiveness and safety. This table lists exercises that require equipment, ensuring that thyroid patients are well-prepared for a comprehensive workout routine.


Required Equipment
Cycling Stationary bike or bicycle
Swimming Swimming pool
Strength Training Weights, resistance bands
Overhead Press Dumbbells or barbell
Rowing Rowing machine
Pilates Pilates mat, reformer (optional)
Water Aerobics Swimming pool
High-Rep, Low-Weight Resistance Training Light weights, resistance bands
Elliptical Training Elliptical machine
Jumping Rope Jump rope
Stair Climbing Stairs or stair-climbing machines

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