20 Best Exercises for Paralysis Patients for Effective Recovery

What is Paralysis?

Causes of Paralysis

20 Best Exercises for Paralysis Patients

Best Hand Exercises for Paralysis

Best Leg Exercises for Paralysis Patients

Best Facial Exercises for Paralysis

Exercise for Stroke Patients with Paralysis

Types of Equipment Required for Paralysis Exercise

Ensure access to the necessary equipment for each routine before engaging in exercises tailored for paralysis patients. Some exercises, however, do not necessitate any specific equipment and can be performed with body weight alone. 

Nonetheless, certain exercises necessitate particular equipment or assistance to optimise their efficacy in facilitating healing and enhancing mobility.  

Below are the exercises for paralysis patients and the equipment required for each routine.


Required Equipment
Therapy Ball Squeeze Therapy ball
Finger Scissors Spread Therapy putty
Rolling Movement Water bottle
Side Leg Lifts Leg lifter
Hamstring Stretch Leg lifter
Hand Grip Strengthening A stress ball or hand grip exerciser
Calf Raises Stable surface for support (optional)
Step-Ups Step or sturdy platform

Benefits of Exercise for Paralysis Patients

What is Active vs Passive Rehab Exercise?

Understanding the distinction between active and passive rehabilitation exercises is crucial to tailoring effective recovery plans for paralysis patients. These exercises serve distinct purposes and can significantly impact the rehabilitation process. 

Below are the characteristics and examples of both active and passive rehab exercises.

Types of Rehab Exercise

Description Example
Active Rehab Exercise Requires the individual to complete a movement independently. Performing hand squeezes with a therapy ball without assistance.
Passive Rehab Exercise It involves assisting an affected body part through action, often requiring the help of a caregiver, therapist, or family member. Stimulates neuroplasticity in the brain to create new pathways for movement. Using the unaffected hand to move the affected hand through a range of motion exercises.

What Should Paralysis Patients Avoid While Exercising?

FAQs about Exercises for Paralysis Patients