22 Best Exercises to Improve Your Body Balance

What is Weak Balance?

Causes and Symptoms of Weak Balance

22 Best Exercises to Improve Balance

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For Adults

For Older Adults

For Parkinson’s Patients

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Types of Equipment Required for Balance Exercise

Using the right equipment can enhance the effectiveness of balance exercises. The table mentioned below lists different equipment required for different exercises:


Equipment Required
Bean Bag Balance Bean bag
Hopscotch Hopscotch grid
Sumo Squat Dumbbell or Kettlebell 
Arm Sequence With Lifted Heels Dumbbell
Curtsy Lunge Dumbbell
Tightrope Walk Rope
Chair Leg Raises Chair
Banded Triplanar Toe Taps Resistance band
Paloff Press Resistance band

What Precautions Should be Taken While Exercising With a Weak Balance?

FAQs about Exercise for Weak Balance