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Buy Travel Insurance for France from India Online

France is one of Europe's best travel destinations! Visiting the country- be it for business, academics, or a vacation; France provides a quality experience to anyone who enters the country. Known as the world's fashion capital, France has so much dazzle to explore. 

The awe-inspiring monuments, the lush fields of scented lavender in Provence, The wonderful Alps in the south-east, an exquisite cuisine, and of course the most romantic city in the world, Paris! When you travel to France, you're travelling to one of the most desired destinations.

When in France, do as the French do! Don’t miss out on the country’s finest wine, medieval cities, Mediterranean beaches, and rich history. France is an inspirational place for art, design, and history.


Before flying to France from India, you should secure yourself with travel insurance to enjoy a safe trip. Digit's International Travel Insurance for France covers and benefits you in unpredictable situations such as flight delays, loss of passport, baggage loss, medical emergencies, trip cancellations and other mishaps. Purchase your plan online within a few minutes, and you can be off on your perfect trip!  


Is travel insurance mandatory for France?  

Yes, travel insurance is mandatory when travelling from India to France. Being a part of the Schengen Countries, France has mandated travel insurance with adequate health coverage.

Your travel insurance must cover at least €30,000 for medical treatment and evacuation and must be valid through the entire Schengen Zone and the duration of your trip.

You can apply for a Schengen Visa from India to visit all 26 countries in the zone.


What is the cost of Travel Insurance from India to France?  

A $50,000 France Travel insurance plan from India for one adult starts from ₹225 only (excluding GST).  

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What’s great about International Travel Insurance by Digit?

  • Zero Deductibles - You don’t pay anything at all when you make a claim – it’s all on us. 
  • Adventure Sports Covered - Our coverage includes activities such as scuba diving, bungee jumping & sky diving (provided the duration is one day) 
  • Immediate Monetary Compensation for Flight Delays - We don't want to waste your time any further. That's why, when your flight is delayed for more than 6 hours, we give you an immediate compensation of ₹500-1000.  
  • Smartphone-enabled Processes - No paperwork, no running around. Just upload your documents when you make a claim.
  • Missed-call Facility - Give us a missed call at +91-7303470000 and we’ll call you back in 10 minutes. No more international calling charges! 
  • Worldwide Support - We’ve partnered with the world’s largest health & travel insurance network Allianz,to support you seamlessly across the globe. T&C apply*

France Travel Insurance Plans that fit your needs


Basic Option

Offers coverages for the most common mishaps that can be encountered on an international trip.


Comfort Option

This plan not only covers you for the most common mishaps on your trip but also keeps you protected from each hiccup, so your trip goes just how it should!

Basic Option

Comfort Option


Coverage option suggested above is only indicative and is based on market study and experience. You may opt for any additional coverages as per your requirement. Please call us at 1800-258-5956 in case you want to opt for any other coverages or wish to know further details.

What's not Covered?  

Digit's Travel Insurance from India to France covers most things that could go wrong during your vacation. We are completely open in all that we do. Understanding what your travel insurance does not cover is critical, just like knowing what is covered. The following are some exclusions that our travel plan will not cover:  

  • We can't cover diseases or illnesses already diagnosed (pre-existing conditions) or if your doctor has already recommended no travelling.   
  • Daily cash allowance of up to 5 days is only valid for those hospitalised during their holiday in a foreign country.  
  • Death or disability won't be covered after 365 days of the accident that has caused it.   
  • Adventure sports are covered if you're doing it for one day. This doesn't include weeklong treks, hikes or professional-level adventure sports that go on for more than one day.  
  • Acts of War are not covered.   
  • Flight delays are not covered if your airline already informed you about the same at least 6 hours in advance.  
  • Delay of checked-in luggage is not covered if the delay is due to customs.   
  • Any missed connection where the time gap between scheduled arrival of incoming flight and scheduled departure of connecting flight was less than the time required.  
  • Thefts will not be covered if the police of the respective aren't notified within 24 hours.   
  • Trip extensions due to childbirth or related matters can't be covered  
  • Trip abandonments due to pre-existing illnesses or health conditions can't be covered.   
  • Trip cancellations due to rejection of visa are not covered.  

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With us, get access to VIP claims

After you buy our international travel insurance for France, you live tension free as we have a 3-step, completely digital claims process!

Step 1

Give us a call at 1800-258-5956 (if in India) or drop a missed call at +91-7303470000 & we’ll call back in 10 mins.

Step 2

Upload the required documents & your bank account details, on the link sent.

Step 3

We’ll take care of the rest!

Why do you need travel insurance from India to France?

  • · Being a tourist hot spot, travelling to France comes with its risks. Crowded places like the Eiffel Tower, the Louvre, Moulin Rouge, etc., can expect a loss of belongings, thefts, and other petty crimes. If one is secure with travel insurance, they will not have to worry about monetary loss in a new city. Your travel plan has you covered!
  • Travelling to a new place can be exciting. Experiencing an interruption of any sort during your trip can be a buzzkill. With Digit's International Travel Insurance Policy, you can be protected in case of medical emergencies, flight delays, cancellations, or any other mishap. It is a small cost with big benefits in the long run.
  • With travel insurance, you are covered for multiple benefits before and during your trip. It allows you to have a flexible trip in case of emergency trip extension or abandonment, or even if you need emergency cash. You can rely on your international travel insurance. This ensures that your trip goes smoothly, as planned!


Compare France Travel Insurance Quotes  

Whilst comparing travel quotes from different travel insurances for France, make sure you are aware of the following:   

  • The medical benefits available and the limit of the Sum Insured for each   
  • Terms of claims. A lot of times, the terms and conditions can be tricky and very hard to come by. Read the fine print carefully.  
  • The claims process by checking the company's previous claim records. After all, that's the whole point of insurance, right?  

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