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What Is Food Adulteration and Its Impact on Human Health?

What Is Food Adulteration?

What Are the Reasons That Lead to Adulteration of Food?

What Are the Different Types of Food Adulteration ?

What Are the Different Methods of Adding Food Adulterants?

List of Food Adulterants and Their Harmful Effects

Here is a table enlisting different food items, respective adulterants used, along with the associated harmful effects of food adulteration.

Food Products


Harmful Effects


Stones, pebbles, weed seeds, dust, damaged grains, etc.

Liver disease, filling toxicity in body

Ghee, butter, and cheese

Starch powder, mashed potatoes, and vanaspati

Stomach disorders like gastrointestinal issues

Milk or curd

Starch powder or water

Stomach issues


Artificial colours

Liver problems

Coffee powder

Tamarind seed powder or chicory



Lead chromate, chemical and dyes

Stomach problem

Edible oil

Karanja oil, Mineral oil, artificial colours, or castor oil

Issues with gallbladder, paralysis, allergies, high LDL cholesterol

Chilli and coriander powder

Red brick powder, lead metal, dung powder, red lead, etc.

Metal toxicity, blood pressure issues, stomach problems, cancer, etc.

Mustard seeds

Argemone seeds

Sluggishness, abdominal contraction, excretion problem


Blackberries and dried papaya seeds

Allergic reaction, skin rashes, stomach disorder

Turmeric powder

Saw dust, chalk powder, pesticide residue, lead metal, industrial dye, metanil yellow dye arsenic

Stomach issues, cancer


Molasses, sugar & corn syrup, dextrose

Stomach issue

How to Detect Adulterated Food?

How Can You Get Rid of Adulterated Food Items?

Frequently Asked Questions