43 Zinc Rich Foods, Fruits & Vegetables to Include in your Diet

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What is Zinc?

What are the Sources of Zinc?

Top 43 Food Items High in Zinc

List of Zinc-Rich Vegetables

SNo. Vegetable Description
1 Shiitake Mushrooms These mushrooms are common zinc-rich vegetables. About 100 grams provides approximately 1.3mg of zinc, which is about 12% of its Daily Value (DV).
2 Green Peas Green peas contain about 1.2mg of zinc per 100 grams.
3 Spinach Cooked spinach is a vital food containing zinc. A cup of cooked spinach provides about 12% DV (1.4mg) of zinc.
4 Lima Beans A cup of cooked beans provides 1.3mg of zinc, while 100 grams contain 0.8mg.
5 Lentil Sprouts Lentil sprouts contain 1.5mg of zinc per 100 grams.
6 Asparagus Asparagus contains 5.5mg of zinc per 200 calories, making it one of the best foods high in zinc.
7 Beet Greens Every cup of cooked beet greens contains about 0.7mg of zinc.
8 Broccoli Broccoli is a popular zinc-rich vegetable. Every 200 calories provides 2.6mg of zinc, which is 23% of the DV.
9 Okra Approximately 0.4mg of zinc is found in every 100 grams of okra, providing 4% of the DV.
10 Sweet Corn Sweet corn is high in zinc, with about 1.1mg per 200 calories.
11 Garlic One clove of garlic contains 0.1mg of zinc.

List of Fruits Rich in Zinc

SNo. Fruit Description
12 Avocadoes Avocados are essential fruits with approximately 0.6mg of zinc per 100 grams.
13 Blackberries Every 200 calories of blackberries contains 2.5mg of zinc,  providing 22% of the Daily Value (DV).
14 Pomegranate Pomegranate is a vital fruit containing zinc, with 0.4mg per 100 grams.
15 Raspberries About 0.4mg of zinc is present in 100 grams of raspberries.
16 Guavas Guavas, commonly known in India, provide about 0.2mg of zinc per 100 grams, contributing 2% of the DV.
17 Cantaloupe Every 200 calories of cantaloupe fruit consists of 1.1 mg of zinc.
18 Apricots Apricots are fruits containing zinc, with approximately 0.3mg per cup.
19 Peaches Peaches contain about 0.2mg of zinc per 100 grams.
20 Kiwifruit Every 200 calories of kiwifruit contains 0.5mg of zinc, providing 4% of the DV.
21 Blueberries About 100 grams of blueberries provide 0.2mg of zinc.

List of Cereals and Dairy Products Containing Zinc

SNo. Food Description
22 Milk Non-fat or low-fat milk usually contains 1.1mg of zinc.
23 Yoghurt About a cup of nonfat yoghurt contains 2.38mg of zinc.
24 Oatmeal Oatmeal is an essential breakfast item containing 1 mg of zinc per 100 grams.
25 Corn flakes About a cup of this breakfast cereal contains 2.8mg of zinc. However, the exact amount may vary depending on the brand you purchase.
26 Almond milk Almond milk is a popular choice among health-conscious individuals. It contains approximately 1.05-1.1mg of zinc per cup.

List of Seeds and Nuts Rich in Zinc

SNo. Seed/Nut Description
27 Pumpkin Seeds Pumpkin seeds are excellent sources of zinc, with approximately 10.3mg per 100 grams.
28 Hemp Seeds Hemp seeds are rich in zinc, with approximately 9.9mg per 100 grams.
29 Flaxseeds Flaxseeds are a good source of zinc, containing about 4 mg per 100 grams.
30 Chia Seeds Chia seeds contain moderate amounts of zinc, providing approximately 4.58mg per 100 grams.
31 Sunflower Seeds Sunflower seeds are high in zinc, with about 5.1mg per 100 grams.
32 Almonds Almonds are essential nuts containing zinc, with approximately 3.5mg per 100 grams.
33 Cashews Cashews are rich in zinc, providing about 6 mg per 100 grams.
34 Pine Nuts Pine nuts contain moderate amounts of zinc, with approximately 6 mg per 100 grams.
35 Pecans Pecans contain moderate amounts of zinc, with about 4.53mg per 100 grams.
36 Brazil Nuts Brazil nuts are rich in zinc, containing approximately 4.06mg per 100 grams.

List of Animal Proteins and Seafood High in Zinc

SNo. Food Description
37 Beef Beef is a powerful non-vegetarian food rich in zinc, providing 11 mg per 100 grams, which is 99% of the Daily Value (DV).
38 Chicken A roasted chicken leg with thighs contains about 5 mg of zinc, providing 49% of the DV.
39 Red Meat A 100g of red meat contains 4.8mg of zinc, 44% of the Daily Value (DV).
40 Eggs A large egg consists of 0.6mg of zinc.
41 Oysters Oysters, a popular seafood, are rich in zinc, with about 61 mg per 100 grams.
42 Crabs Crabs are considered good sources of zinc, offering 6.5mg every 3 ounces of cooked crabs.
43 Lobster Lobster is another crucial zinc-rich food, with 4.7mg found in a small lobster (boiled or steamed).

How Much Zinc Should You Intake Daily?

According to the National Institutes of Health, determining the appropriate daily intake of zinc is essential for maintaining optimal health. The recommended amount varies depending on factors such as age, sex, and life stage. 

The table given below outlines the recommended daily intake of zinc for different demographics:

Age Group Recommended Zinc Intake (milligrams per day)
Infants 0-6 months 2.0 mg
Infants 7-12 months 3.0 mg
Children 1-3 years 3.0 mg
Children 4-8 years 5.0 mg
Children 9-13 years 8.0 mg
Male Teens 14-18 years 11.0 mg
Female Teens 14-18 years 9.0 mg
Male Adults 19+ years 11.0 mg
Female Adults 19+ years 8.0 mg
Pregnant Teens  12.0 mg
Pregnant Adults  11.0 mg
Lactating Teens 13.0 mg
Lactating Adults 12.0 mg

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