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What Is Vitamin B6?

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Who Should Take Vitamin B6?

What Is the Daily Recommended Intake for Vitamin B6?

If you are thinking about how to increase Vitamin B6, follow the chart mentioned below. It will help you learn about healthy individuals' average daily intake (that is adequate to meet the nutrient demand).

This average daily intake is known as Recommended Dietary Allowance (RDA).


Daily Intake Level

0-6 months

0.1 mg for males and females

7-12 months

0.3 mg for males and females

1-3 years

0.5 mg for males and females

4-8 years

0.6 mg for males and females

9-13 years

1 mg for males and females

14-18 years

1.2 mg for females and 1.3 mg for males

19-50 years

1.3 mg for males and females


1.5 mg for females and 1.7 mg for males

With this, our discussion on vitamin B6 foods comes to an end. Read the foods listed above and plan your diet chart accordingly.

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