Vitamin B7 Rich Food Sources, Fruits & Vegetables

What Is Vitamin B7?

Food Sources Rich in Vitamin B7

Which Are the Best Vitamin B7 Rich Fruits?

Besides wholesome food items, fruits also contain a good amount of vitamin B7. However, you may be wondering which fruit has the most vitamin B7 and can be the best for your diet.

Here is a table comprising the top vitamin B7 fruits with their respective nutritional values.

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Vitamin B7 Rich Fruits

Amount of Biotin Present (in mcg)







Fact: Did you know that bananas are considered to be both fruits and herbs?

Also, being easy to digest and highly nutritious, it is one of the vitamin b7 fruits in India offered to babies.

Now that you are aware of the fruits that contain vitamin B7, it is time to know about the vegetables that can replenish this nutrient.

Which Are the Best Vitamin B7 Rich Vegetables?

You can find popular vitamin B7 rich vegetables in the list given below and curate a diet plan accordingly.

Vitamin B7 Vegetables

Amount of Biotin Present (in mcg)









Vitamin B7 fruits and vegetables are highly nourishing food items, containing a variety of other nutrients as well. These also contain phytonutrients that aid in proper body functioning and antioxidants that aid in fighting off harmful free radicals.

Who Should Take B Complex Vitamins?

What Is the Daily Recommended Intake for Vitamin B7?

The Adequate Intake (AI) level for vitamin B7 for males and females older than 19 years is 30 mcg daily. Also, the AI amount of vitamin B7 for pregnant women is 30 mcg daily, and for lactating women, the amount is around 35 micrograms.

Now, you might be wondering how to increase vitamin B7 levels to meet the above requirements?

The solution is to include all the mentioned vitamin B7 foods in your diet and maintain a healthy lifestyle.

Besides, you can also check the following table to find out which oil contains the most vitamin B7 and incorporate them into your diet plan to up your nutrient intake level.


Health Benefits

Rosemary oil

Faster hair growth (B7 medium)

Peppermint oil

High methanol presence stimulates follicles. (B7 high)


It improves hair growth and is also considered a "beauty vitamin." (B7 very high)

Note: Consult a healthcare professional to understand which oil containing vitamin b7 you can incorporate into your diet in case you have pre-existing health conditions.

Therefore, daily consumption of these vitamin B7-rich food items is necessary to maintain good health. Individuals experiencing hair fall and skin related issues must ensure proper intake of these food items. Otherwise, it might lead to severe hair fall and brittle nails.

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