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List of Vitamin K Rich Fruits

Which Oil Contains Vitamin K?


Though we all avoid oils for health maintenance, some of them have significant nutritional values.


Below is a chart of 8 oils that contain the most vitamin K.

Name of the Oil

Amount of Vitamin K Per Tablespoon


10 mcg


8.1 mcg


1.8 mcg


1.0 mcg


0.7 mcg


3.4 mcg


0.1 mcg


0.3 mcg

These are a few of the vitamin K foods high in phylloquinone. Now, let’s check out some foods that are high on menaquinone.

Few Other Vitamin K Rich Foods

How to Add Vitamin K to Your Diet?


Individuals can visit a dietician or a nutritionist to learn how to increase vitamin K intake in their day-to-day lives if required.


However, here is a table explaining how much vitamin K everybody needs according to his/her age.


Adequate Amount Per Day

Infants (between 0 to 6 months)

2 mcg

Infants (between 7 to 12 months)

2.5 mcg

Children (between 1 to 3 years)

30 mcg

Children (between 4 to 8 years)

55 mcg

Children (between 9 to 13 years)

60 mcg

Girls (between 14 to 18 years)

75 mcg

Boys (between 14 to 18 years)

75 mcg

Women (19 years+)

90 mcg

Pregnant or breastfeeding women (19 years+)

90 mcg

Men (19 years+)

120 mcg

Now that you are aware of some of the vitamin K rich foods, you can incorporate them into your diet as per the above table. 

Note: It is recommended to seek a professional’s help to add vitamin K to your diet. A novice’s advice may lead to unwanted problems.

Remember, excluding vitamin K food sources from your daily diet can result in uncontrollable bleeding from injuries. Although vitamin K deficiencies are rarely found in adults, they are widely common among newly born babies.

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