Essential Vitamins for Brain Health

Which Vitamins is Good for Brain Function

What Is the Best Vitamin for Brain Health of a Baby?

Several pieces of research illustrate that vitamin E plays a crucial role in the field of neurodevelopment and cognition. It possesses robust antioxidant characteristics that help prevent any oxidative damage of DHA to enhance the process of a baby's brain development.


  • Adequate Intake Capacity of Vitamin E

Age (Both Boy and Girl)

Recommended Quantity Per Day

Infants (0 to 6 months)

4 mg or 6IU

Infants (7 to 12 months)

5 mg or 7.5 IU

Children (1 to 3 years)

6 mg or 9 IU

Children (4 to 8 years)

7 mg or 10.4 IU

Vitamin Deficiencies That Harm Your Brain Functioning

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